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September 21st, 2018
RE: Why All Muscle Growth Is Not Created The Same

Did you know that packing on size is more than just getting stronger? That's why many big-bench pressers don't have big, muscular pecs.  That's why you see dudes in the gym built like Tarzan, yet lifting weights better suited for Jane! That's why some athletes possess superhuman strength and others are "all show, no go".  There's a lot more to building maximum mass than just getting stronger. 

anatomy table

Did you know that heavy-low rep training primarily thickens the myofibrils, the force-generating strands in the fibers? Powerlifters target these myofibrils with low-rep sets to increase strength. These strands do account for some growth but they're not the only hypertrophic constituent.

Did you know A LOT of the major muscular hypertrophy occurs in the sarcoplasm, the muscle's energy fluid?  The sarcoplasm contains glycogen from carbs, the mitochondria, ATP from creatine, calcium and myoglobin, and oxygen-binding protein. This is the reason bodybuilders who train with higher reps, supersets, shorter rest periods and other long-tension-time techniques are generally more muscular than most powerlifters - their training increases sarcoplasm. 

If you didn't know heavy low-rep training builds the myofibrils and higher reps and/or shorter rest periods expands the sarcoplasmic fluid... you're not alone... and it's this information that will put you on the fast track to lean gains.

With that all said, I must warn you:  The 1,000 rep protocol you're about to learn may go against all the conventional muscle-building advice you've been hearing. That's because, the world has, to be utterly frank, gone soft!

Today’s so-called “experts” have left a generation of lifters more concerned with getting the right amount of rest instead of the right amount of reps.   Being cautious is good.  Being overly cautious is bad.  Unfortunately, this alarm cry isn’t based on solid research; it’s simply the thoughts of a few worried voices in the fitness world that are more interested in debating on forums.  Before we discuss the 1,000 rep protocol... 

Here's what you MUST understand about
sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar hypertrophy
to chisel your physique to perfection.

There is a spectrum through which myofibril and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy occur:

  • 1-5 Reps - Lead to a maximum increase in relative strength and myofibril recruitment.
  • 6-8 Reps - Produce the best medium between myofibril and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.
  • 9-12 Reps - Increase sarcoplasmic hypertrophy at the maximum rate.
  • >15 Reps - You move into the range of muscular endurance where hypertrophy gains slow.

This information is EASY to acquire
But TRICKY to apply...


Instead of investing $50,0000 and four years of your life on a university education to study exercise science (not bro science), let me break down the nitty gritty for you:

Myofibril hypertrophy training:

This is also known as strength training.  Working with weights of 85% or greater of your 1 rep max (RM) and reps in the 1-5 range with 3+ minutes rest produce the largest gains in myofibrillar volume and density. In short, you need to be lifting some heavy ass weight!  The heavier the weights you lift the more muscle fibers are recruited and broken down i.e. damage. Strength gains are also known as neuromuscular adaptations.

Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy training:

This is known as size training. Working with weights of about 70-84% of your 1 RM and reps in the 6-12 range with shorter rest periods of 30-90 seconds. In short, you need to feel some crazy ass burn!  The more sets you perform the more fatigue you experience and the more stored energy you burn up. This is because you deplete your body's ATP and creatine phosphate stores within the first 7-10 seconds of anaerobic exercise (weight training) and to continue training your body breaks down glycogen (stored energy), which will produce lactic acid (that crazy burning sensation). The key to this type of training is having a time under tension (TTU) greater than the immediate energy available. A typical set should last between 40 and 70 seconds to achieve optimal fatigue levels. Size gains are also known as metabolic adaptations.

So you're probably asking the million dollar question right now: "So how do I achieve both?" 

It Took Two Workout Partners On A Quest To Become
Pro Fitness Models To Figure Out How To Blend
Sarcoplasmic AND Myofibrilliar Hypertrophy
Into One Simple & Unique Challenge-Based
Workout That You've NEVER Tried

Artus Shakur Vince Del Monte

My name is Vince Del Monte, writer to many of the leading fitness magazines in the world: IronMan, Reps and Inside Fitness.

I'm very blessed to have one of the best training partners kicking my butt in the gym, "Six Pack" Artus Shakur - who arguably has some of the best abs on the planet. You'll notice I write for a lot of hardcore AND mainstream publications and it's because their editors TRUST ME to share what WORKS with their millions of readers.

That's a responsibility I don't take lightly. They know I'm not going to recite a bunch of rehashed "3 sets of 12 reps" garbage you've tried a million times before. Come on, do people still follow those types of boring programs?! 

1,000 Rep Muscle Flat Out Works
While Traditional Workouts Just
Bore You Into Stagnation...

It's really not your fault if your gains have stoppedHow do you expect to make gains with a poorly-designed program?

When we first designed the 1,000 rep muscle workouts, we thought we were CRAZY. But then we thought, we'd be crazy to not give it a shot. Especially since neither of us had exposed our bodies to extreme volume. We were both VERY happy with our 28-day experiment. We will reveal one tiny component of The 1,000 Rep Muscle-Challenge:

The challenge consists of 1,000 total reps per week, not 1,000 reps per workout.

If 1,000 strategic, muscle-expanding and power-pumping reps is intimidating, your goals are probably not serious enough for our challenge...

Here's what to expect:

YES!  Most of our students gained anywhere from 4-7 POUNDS OF LEAN MUSCLE (i.e. FAT FREE MASS) during their 5-day rest. 1,000 Rep Muscle is planned overreaching at its best.

Extreme overreaching results in extreme super compensation. Scientific studies prove this over and over..

To this point in history, no workout program has been meticulously-designed with a research-proven strategy to hit harder than what Artus and I are bringing to the table – an opportunity to give birth to new muscle and put fat to death.

We know that to make truly noticeable gains, you must avoid the worst training nightmare also known as the #1 reason your body refuses to build new muscle and blast fat:


Complacency is a freaking nightmare and a poisonous disease you must avoid like the plague …

Slipping into comfortable set and rep ranges with familiar exercises, unfortunately, will summon a death sentence for a guy looking to add serious shape and strength to his physique.

That is why the most crucial element of improvement is change. Any subtle variation in a workout will produce new results.  As you can imagine, 1,000 Reps is more than subtle!

Eliminating your workouts of wasted exercises, complacent workouts and carefree reps is what the 1,000 Rep Muscle-Challenge is all about.

Each rep is strategic and serving in both load and rest, blending each target muscle in the right mixture of critical ingredients for size, shape and strength.


So Artus and I decided to organize all of our latest muscle-building secrets into one simple, 28-day workout called The 1,000 Rep Muscle Challenge. The reason we did this is because Artus was continually getting asked, "How are you SO ripped?" and "How do you stay lean AND big all the time?"  Oh, and by the way - Artus is 100% drug-free, just like me so everything we're giving you acts on natural and regular guys. This is a program every guy should own in their muscle-building arsenal... especially because the investment is less than the cost of lunch.  I know you can afford lunch!

This program is not a 200 page ebook -- it contains 3 hours of instructional and inspirational training footage so you know how to do every exercise optimally.  The printable workout sheets so you have zero guess-work. You'll find zero fluff with this investment. We wanted you to be able to download it right now and be able to start following it today in the gym.  While you're driving or walking to the gym, we've also included 6-hours of BONUS coaching calls on Customizing the Routine, Advanced Nutrition Strategies & Supplement Tips for Newbies.  Don't worry, it's NOT necessary to go through the coaching calls prior to starting the program.  We wanted to get you just the brass tacks so you can start looking leaner AND bigger after just a few workouts.

I Wish I Could Take Full Credit
For This Growth-Boosting System...

You see, I've personally studied under some of the greatest strength and bodybuilding coaches on the map. I've learned so much from going to conferences, hiring coaches, attending expensive bootcamps and let me tell you - THIS information is RARE.  Sure, you could probably spend hours on Google sorting through hundreds of different videos and blogs - if you have the time and interest. However, we've short cut your access and made it MUCH easier by organizing all the info into an easy-to-implement, step-by-step blueprint.  So, I suppose if you wanted to spend hours and hours attempting to design your own periodized challenge-based workout, you might be able to pull it off.

However, what Artus and I have done is made it super simple for you. We've done the research. We've done the experimentation. We've built in the progression. We've picked the best exercises. We've PROVEN it works on us and our clients and it works FAST.

Keep Busting Your Butt Alone, 
Only To Look The Same As You Did Last Month

You don't want to look the same in 28 days do you? So why are you following a poorly designed program robbing you of your gains? A well-designed program is highly specific and progressive.  Why spends hours trying to design your own program when we've already assembled a STEP-BY-STEP program for you? I'm confident your time is worth more than $7 to you, right? 

Imagine being able to spend time with the people you enjoy and doing activities that show off your body instead of busting your butt in the gym wasting time following inferior programs? This workout will save you from wasting time, making mistakes and looking the same as last month!

Just imagine… 

  • Within 1 month, you can look bigger AND leaner!
  • Feel absolutely confident you're investing your time in the gym, not spending it.
  • Have your friends envious of your insane growth and getting second-looks from the ladies!
  • Being the talk of your gym and work place!
  • Knowing that you're not going to look the same next month!
  • And having the body you desire and deserve!

This Is Not For Everybody!!!

The 1,000 Rep Muscle-Challenge is not for you if you're afraid to take your body over the edge.  If you don't believe muscle is worth fighting for… this is not for you.

If you want a killer body and you want it BAD and you REFUSE to give up, then this next 28 days will change your life.  If you're anything like me and Shakur then you fight rep by repset by setfor every ounce of new muscle fiber.

We're not afraid fighting for new muscle on one last rep, on yet another set.  The gym junkies would have already racked it.  They don't have what we all have… COURAGE and CONFIDENCE!

They're not willing to test the limits of their mind or body.  We will fight for that rep!  We're willing to die for that rep!  We'll tear the bar to shreds for that rep!  We'll dig our fingernails into the bar for that rep!

You know that rep is going to make the difference between “STEPPING UP”, holding your head high OR giving up in shame.  That rep is going to be etched in your memory – it’ll build your confidence and define your character.

If you're not able to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you're willing to sacrifice yourself for that rep… this is not for you.

Only 7 Bucks?!

Yes! Here's why: 

Artus and I make a great living as professional fitness models and we're certainly not trying to get "rich" off of this program. It was our intention to give regular guys (and gals) a simple and proven 28-day blueprint to smash their muscle-building plateau and explode new gains all over their frame using a unique and challenge-based workout system.  Plus, since releasing this program to the public we're enjoying all the "I Love You!" emails for making this so affordable and helping guys experience their quickest gains WITHOUT THE GUESSWORK.  So, we think a tiny $7 is a NO-BRAINER price to you... and it'll be available for $7 for just a little longer (Please keep reading...)

I'm only charging $7 for this program, and not giving this away for three specific reasons.

  1. $7 puts the system within reach of the vast majority of people. If you can afford java from Starbucks, you can afford to pack on muscle.
  2. I figure if you're even kind of serious about your body you will invest $7 into this program and take the time to use the strategies laid out inside.
  3. Anyone who is not serious enough to forfeit a trip to Starbucks and buy this program and pack on muscle, I really can't even understand.

My "Double" You'll Love It Guarantee

Guarantee #1 If for any reason you think our 1,000 Rep Muscle-Challenge workout, online videos and coaching calls aren't the best $7 you've ever spent, just contact the Help Desk and we'll gladly refund your whole $7.

Guarantee #2 If you actually DO what we recommend in each workout and your results aren't great, we'll actually GIVE YOU any of my other programs, of equal value, for FREE. All we ask is that you give us an honest effort. How is that for fair? 

Only The First 1000 Copies Will Be This Price

You see, we're spending a bunch of money advertising on Google for people to see this offer so once we help the first 1000 people build a hard body then we're going to bump the offer up to the amounts you can see below.

So acting fast is crucial. You MUST respond right now to get in on the Charter Pricing offered today. We can't promise this low price will be advertised tomorrow... and we will have to stick to our word and bump the price on everyone - no extension and no exceptions. Sound fair enough? It's now or never.


Will You Live A Life
Of Reasons Or Results?

There are only two paths in life: the path of reasons or the path of results.  Reasons are your B.S. story of why you can't have the body of your dreams.  Results are the proof that you can.

Some people take action and put their mind and body to the test, no matter what the risk, while others think about it out of fear of failure and coming up with more B.S. stories of why it won't work.

Today is the day to put any B.S. reasons to death. Doesn't that sound empowering?

The only reason you should not try out The 1,000 Rep Muscle-Challenge is if you believe you don't deserve the body of your dreams.  If you can't see yourself with a lean muscular and ripped body that gets noticed; then the battle has been lost before it's even begun!

But since you're still reading, I know you expect more from your body, mind and life and Artus and I support your goals and believe in you.

Here's to doubling your muscle gains & power & being apart of an extremely elite group who can brag about completing The 1,000 Rep Muscle-Challenge! 

WBFF Pro Fitness Model Vince Del Monte
Vince DelMonte
Honours Kinesiology Degree
PICP Level 1 & 2 Certified
BioSignature Modulation Practitioner
Precision Nutrition Certified
WBFF Pro Fitness Model


Artus Shakur
Artus Shakur
WBFF Pro Fitness Model
Certified Personal Trainer

P.S. Remember, there is better programming built into this 28-day workout than you'll find in a hundred hours of Google searching, or on rehashed websites. This is the real deal, it's 100% guaranteed so you can't possibly lose money, and it is truly a no-brainer decision any serious lifter will make…

P.S.S. - Remember, you have a full 60-day trial period to put 1,000 Rep Muscle to work for you! Put this program to the test and see how it works for you. With the “no questions asked” Money Back Guarantee there's NO WAY you can lose!  Are you ready for the muscle-building challenge of your life? The time is now to build your ultimate body. Click the button below and lets get started. 


- Any questions? Contact our helpdesk

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